Group Salary Continuance Insurance Quotes

Group Salary Continuance Insurance is a great employee benefit you can provide your work force.

It is a cost-effective and valuable benefit to help attract and retain employees.

This is what makes Salary continuance Insurance a smart choice for any preferred employer.

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What Group Salary Continuance offers you?

  • Protect up to 80% of salary while an employee is disabled
  • Booster payments
  • Superannuation contributions – up to 10%
  • Monthly payments to age 70
  • Choice of waiting periods
  • Optional ‘Plus’ cover – including Trauma / Crisis, Bed Confinement and Home Care benefits.

Which Group Salary Continuance Insurance Broker to use?

When choosing an insurance provider you can either go direct to the various Insurers or source a leading broker.

At CCA Financial Planners we broker the market to ensure you get the best policy and the best premium. Given our size and over 20 years’ experience we are able to negotiate and provide advice on the best Group Salary continuance Insurance package for you.

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Group Salary Continuance Insurance Quotes

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