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The Pulse

  • Europe, Japan and China continuing to gain traction
  • Election of Coalition Government and Lower Interest Rates improving Australian Business and Consumer Confidence
  • Australian residential housing shows further upward momentum

Global economies

In global economies last month, manufacturing data continued to show signs of improvement. The improved data out the US has been accompanied by the recovering Eurozone, particularly data out of Germany and France, while China appears to have stabilised following the weaker results seen earlier this year. Japan is also showing a positive response to the massive monetary and fiscal stimulus. The improving global growth outlook is looking to become more synchronised across countries in 2014.

After changes made in March and May, MLC Insurance of the National Australia Bank has made more changes in its offerings and has introduced RiskFirst Rapid.   The product aims to…   -         Address needs for further income protection premium savings -         Allow quick coverage   On top of this, an additional...

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