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Effective Superannuation Plans are part of good business. We provide you, the employer, with specialist services in this key area of employee entitlements.

A corporate superannuation package must provide simplicity, an ease of understanding and management for both the employer and members.

The Commonwealth Government’s Choice of Fund legislation requires employers to have a complying superannuation fund in place as a default fund for their employees.

We are able to provide a product solution which will give you and your members the option to individually tailor their plan to suit their own personal circumstances, allowing for the merger of a number of policies into one easy to manage investment empowering each member with CONTROL and CHOICE, while still offering adequate levels of personal protection,

Corporate Super should not be one size fits all!

This service caters to both those more hands, on investment savvy members who require some level of complexity and to those other members who wish for a less complicated alternative.

The most enticing benefit to you is that your administration process remains simple in nature and is less of a chore allowing you to meet your legislative responsibilities with less hassle.

CCA Financial Planners caters to small, medium and large corporations and we provide for the needs of Directors, Upper and Middle Management as well as catering to those on the ground level

CCA Financial Planners knowledge of the broad range of options available in the superannuation market can be used to assist your business to select a fund that minimises your involvement and administration while optimising the benefits to be provided to your most valuable asset – your staff.

Did you know that you can arrange for insurance on behalf of your employees?

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