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Life Insurance Calculator | Work out how much Protection you need!

Check out our quick and easy to use Life Insurance Calculator to work out how much Life Insurance Protection your loved ones really need.

Life Insurance Calculator

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If you could never work again, how much would your spouse and/or loved ones need to live on each week, not including mortgages, till your normal retirement age.


Add all Debts, including mortgages, line of credit, credit cards personal and business loans you would like paid out on your Death or Total Disability.

When trying to work out how much cover or Life Insurance Protection your family may need we recommend you consider the following:

Generally you will need a lump sum to pay out any debts. These usually include home mortgage, line of credit, car lease, personal loans etc.

Plus your loved ones will need a lump sum of money they could invest, so they can live off the proceeds (this is what our calculator will work out for you.) You just add in the amount your family may need each week.

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Try Our Quick and Easy Life Insurance Calculator.

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