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This form of Insurance is a great idea for employers to provide improved benefits for your most valuable assets – your human capital. You can, for a small premium provide benefits like Group Life Insurance. This is a cost-effective and valuable benefit to help attract and retain employees.

This is what makes Group Life Insurance a smart choice for any discerning employer.

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Group Life Insurance offers

  • Life Insurance for all employees who are members of the plan.
  • Optional Total and Permanent Disability cover (TPD).
  • Optional own Occupation TPD definition for professional and senior management employees.

You can choose to provide your employees with death only, or death and TPD Insurance cover. You can specify the amount of cover, which can be related to salary (eg. 5 x salary) or a flat amount (eg. $500,000 per employee).

Which Group Life Insurance Broker to use?

At CCA Financial Planners we broker the market to ensure you get the best policy and the best premium. Given our size and over 20 years experience we are able to negotiate and provide advice on the best Group Life Insurance package for you.

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