Super & Pension Investment Protection

Cash isn’t the only safe place!

Stock markets go up and Stocks markets go down, with the volatility in the market at an all time high, NOW’S the time to protect your superannuation and pension savings!

We can help tailor a package and solution to protect your income and or capital for 10 years, 20 years or life!

Super that only goes up!

You still get to grow your capital, lock in gains at your anniversary. Your pension payments will also rise as markets grow. So you can enjoy your retirement in full confidence that your super and pension is secure as cash.

Our Certified Financial Planners will review your position, overall goals and determine what is the best investment protection strategy for you. We will prepare and calculate a portfolio so you can:

  • Achieve a Safe reliable minimum income or secure your capital for the next 10, 20 years or life
  • Confidence to invest in a diversified portfolio and take advantage of any market increase and further increasing your pension payment
  • You can turn off the protection at any time without any exit fees
  • Still maintain access to your funds if you need it

What goes up … Doesn’t have to go down

We will strive to maintain optimum protection whilst balancing insurance fees and provide you the income you want.

We will model various scenarios for you to consider so you can make a wise choice.

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