Code of Conduct

1.I will do everything! can to ensure my clients understand the advice I provide them and why it is relevant to their goals, objectives and needs
2.I will ensure my clients are inform. about the most appropriate strategies even if it means they may not proceed with my advice
3.I will not discuss or share information regarding my clients with anyone outside my business
4.I will charge an appropriate fee for my advice and ongoing service commensurate with my effort and value created
5.I will act professionally in my dealings with all clients, potential clients and service providers
6.I will be honest and straightforward with clients about costs, risks and the chances of their achieving their goals
7.I will refrain from using industry jargon but instead utilise plain English when explaining complex issues to my clients
8.I will keep up to date with all knowledge required to ensure I deliver relevant quality appropriate advice
9.I will not put myself in a position where the benefit to me or my organisation will compromise the advice I provide
10.I will assist my fellow financial advisers where l can by sharing strategies and other information which they may find beneficial in dealings with their clients
11.I will act professionally in all dealings with the broader community to raise the reputation of financial advice and financial advisers
12.I will always act ethically evidenced by my ensuring the clients is first in all my considerations
13.I will not take inducements, gifts or other incentives which will or could cause my advice to be compromised
14.I will treat my peers with respect
15.I will not provide advice or agree to my clients conduct which I know is unlawful
16.I will be honest frank and upfront
17.I will not take money for services I don't deliver

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