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Oliver’s Insights – 2016-17 saw strong returns for diversified investors – here are five reasons why returns are likely to be solid in 2017-18

 The key points are as follows: Despite a lengthy list of worries including Brexit, Trump and messy Australian growth, the past financial year saw strong returns for diversified investors as shares recovered from a rough […]

Oliver’s Insights – Geopolitical risks one year on from Brexit – what have we learned?

The key points are as follows: Geopolitical issues create much interest, but as we saw over the last year starting with Brexit this doesn’t mean they’ll have a big negative impact on investment markets. However, […]

Oliver’s Insights – The Trump bump and shares – short term risks, but five reasons for optimism

The key points are as follows: The political scandal around President Trump is likely to speed up rather than stop his pro-business reforms. However, after a strong run, shares remain vulnerable to a short-term correction […]

Oliver’s Insights – Three reasons why the risks for the $A are still on the downside

The key points are as follows: The closure of speculative short positions in the $A, a bounce in commodity prices, delays in Fed rate hikes and expectations the next interest rate move by the Reserve […]

Oliver’s Insights – The Australian housing market – what are the key issues?

The key points are as follows: The Sydney and Melbourne property markets have hotted up again and high house prices and household debt leave Australia vulnerable. But a property crash remains unlikely. Expect average home […]

Oliver’s Insights – The Australian economy and profits – seven reasons to be upbeat

The key points are as follows: A rebound in the economy in the December quarter confirms that Australia is continuing to grow and avoid recession.  There are seven reasons to be upbeat about the Australian […]

Oliver’s Insights – Where are we in the global investment cycle? What does it mean for investors?

The key points are as follows:   We are still a long way from the peak in the investment cycle. There is little sign of economic excess globally: underlying inflation is still low; spare capacity […]

Oliver’s Insights – 2017 a list of lists regarding the macro investment outlook

The key points are as follows: ·         2017 is likely to provide reasonable investment returns. ·         Watch President Trump, the Fed and the $US, various Eurozone elections, global business conditions indicators and business confidence in […]

Market Watch from AMP Capital

The latest edition of Market Watch from AMP Capital. Download Articles on the Housing market and Global Listed Real Estate are most interesting.

Oliver’s Insights – The Fed hikes and Trump stimulus in 2017 – implications for investors and Australia

The key points are as follows: After a year since the first Fed rate hike in this cycle, the Fed has finally moved the Fed Funds rate up again from a range of 0.25-0.5% to […]