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How to Claim Income Protection Cover

When something goes wrong and your income stream dries up, your first instinct may claiming your income protection cover. Here are some pointers that teach you how to claim income protection cover.

1. Eligibility: Make sure that your current situation qualifies for an income protection claim. You may be covered under disability income protection, but not all critical illnesses that prevent you from working are covered under the definition of disability. So verify whether you are eligible when considering how to claim income protection cover.

2. Documentation: Once you have clarified that you are eligible to make a claim for income protection cover, the next important step is to gather all the necessary documentation. Several income protection claims get rejected only because they are not accompanied by the right documentation. For example, if you are claiming disability income protection, then you need doctors’ reports that attest to your medical condition and inability to work. There may be specific documentation required depending on your insurance company. Making sure that all necessary documentation is ready is a vital step in learning how to claim income protection cover.

3. Timeliness: Any lesson on how to claim income protection cover is incomplete without telling you the importance of being on time with your claims. Most insurance firms have clear deadlines on when you should complete the documentation submission after an unforeseen event has occurred. Stick to these deadlines! Even if you are bedridden, make sure that a loved one or a professional agent does the paperwork on time, so that your claim is processed without delay. Do not wait for the last minute to start thinking about how to claim income protection cover.

4. Be Honest: It is absolutely important that you are completely honest with your insurer regarding details submitted in the claim. All insurance providers independently verify all your claim details, and if they see any misrepresentation of circumstances or situations, then it is likely that your claim will be rejected. In addition, your insurance policy itself could be blacklisted. For those wondering how to claim income protection cover, please remember honesty is the best policy.

5. Cooperate: Maintain a belief that the insurance firm wants to genuinely help you in your tough times; and cooperate by completing any documentation or other processes needed to process your claim. For example, the insurer may need you to be examined by a doctor of their choice to certify your disability. Ensure you fulfill this obligation, even if you are under the treatment of another doctor. Remember that not cooperating with the insurer will only delay the processing and granting of your claim – and will not help you in any way.