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Market Watch from AMP Capital

The latest edition of Market Watch from AMP Capital. Download Articles on the Housing market and Global Listed Real Estate are most interesting.

Oliver’s Insights – The Fed hikes and Trump stimulus in 2017 – implications for investors and Australia

The key points are as follows: After a year since the first Fed rate hike in this cycle, the Fed has finally moved the Fed Funds rate up again from a range of 0.25-0.5% to […]

Oliver’s Insights – Review of 2016, outlook for 2017 – looking better despite the political noise

Key points are as follows: 2016 started badly for investors with worries about global growth and deflation. But global growth turned out okay &, despite political events, rising bond yields & disappointing Australian growth, the […]

Oliver’s Insights – The 9 (bad) habits of highly ineffective investors – the common mistakes investors make

Key points are as follows… Many of the mistakes investors make are based on common sense rules of thumb that turn out to be wrong when it comes to investing. As investment markets are forward […]

Oliver’s Insights – The Australian housing market

Key points are as follows… Expensive housing and high household debt leave Australian housing vulnerable. But without a recession or much higher interest rates a property crash is unlikely. However, the surging supply of apartments […]

Oliver’s Insights – Shares hit another rough patch – five things investors should consider doing

Key points are as follows… · After decent gains in shares and other growth assets since February (& Brexit) we look to have hit another rough patch on the back of concerns around the Fed, […]

Oliver’s Insights – Megatrends impacting investment markets

The main points are as follows: Key megatrends relevant for investors are: slower growth in household debt; the backlash against economic rationalism & rise of populism; geopolitical tensions; aging and slowing populations; low commodity prices; […]

Oliver’s Insights – The investment outlook – it’s not all that bad! Here are nine reasons why…and a comment on IMF global growth forecasts

Key points are as follows…  The past financial year has been rather messy for investors with another long worry list, a bear market in most share markets and record low bond yields. However, returns for […]

Oliver’s Insights – Australia’s messy 2016 election

The key points are as follows: The Australian Federal election has delivered a messy result suggesting an even more difficult Senate for the Coalition if it is able to form government and the risk of […]

Oliver’s Insights – The political pendulum swings to left – implications for medium term investment returns

Key points are as follows…  The success of Trump and Sanders in the US, the close Brexit vote and the Australian Federal Election campaign suggest median voters have shifted to the left and support for […]